Who We Are

Eliminate friction so you can take control of your operations.

We are a company of engineers and craftspeople based in Edmonton, Alberta. We serve businesses of all industries as experts in 3D printing, industrial design, product design, machining and advanced manufacturing automation.

Our mission is to support our customers by making design and manufacturing solutions accessible and viable with sustainability of people and the environment in mind.

We believe in the principle of “human-centered design” wherein products are designed with the experience of the user as the primary goal. A well-designed product is intuitive, straightforward, and based on serving the needs of the user. If we haven’t made it easy for others, then we have failed.

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About The Owner

The owner of Hillforther, James Harrott is an MET, Journeyman Machinist, certified CNC programmer and experienced Lean 6 Sigma solutions provider with years of experience in operations management. He created Hillforther because he is passionate about helping passionate people reach their potential and execute their vision.

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