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Hillforther exists for you because of you and with your needs in mind. We can adapt any solution to form fit you.

We are experienced designers, craftsmen, programmers, engineers, and manufacturers. These skills provide products that empower you to reach customer segments in new ways.

Industrial & Product Design with Rendering & Prototyping Capabilities

We are a marriage of Industrial and Product design disciplines. Meaning we focus on making a functional product that embodies the personality and statement that you want to convey.



Step by Step Overview

The Design Process

Testing & QA

Professional Model-Making

We excel in 3D printed, professionally airbrushed and textured models for any field.

Professional Models

Professional grade models that are accurately brought to life. They are scaled, painted, textured and functional and accurately depicted. Years of experience allow us to create models used in corporate presentations, museums, theaters, and movie production.

Architectural Models

3D Architectural Model

We design and produce 3D printed architectural models, providing an effective tool for architects and designers to preview, communicate and highlight design concepts. This helps illuminate characteristics such as space, scale, lighting and even the structure’s place within the landscape around it can be shown.

Here are some features of our Architectural models that make us unique:

  • Modular Models & Components
    Interchangeable components for demonstrative purposes
  • Functional & Interactive Models
    Experience the structure in a tactile way
  • Feature Detailing
    Small scale without losing aesthetic details
  • Airbrushed & Hand Painted
    Illustrate the full vision and aesthetic
3D Architectural Model Result

For more information and insight into architectural modelling services, please review our PDF pamphlet. This will outline major advantages of 3D printed models and how designers have used 3D printed models as an effective tool to increase sales and engage clients in the design process.

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What is post-processing and how does it work?

We’ve prepared a short video to walk you through what you should know about post-processing and how it can benefit your project.

Training and Consulting For Manufacturers

Solutions designed to improve your organization’s bottom line with systems and solutions such as:

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CNC Programming Training
CADCAM Training
Industrial Grade 3D printing Training & Support
Lean Optimizations
Lean 6 Sigma Systems
5S Shop Workflow Optimization
Manufacturing Cell Design
System Design & Installation – including;
– Quality Management Systems
– Inventory Management Systems

Classes & Workshops

Hillforther regularly hosts on-site classes and in-person workshops on subjects that concern manufacturers of all kinds. If there is a specific course that interests you, please contact us to request it.

Recently, we have been creating Fusion 360 CADCAM lesson series. Directed at both hobbyists and professional machinists and engineers.

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